My life goal, I must say, is to feel people around me to feel free to do whatever they want to, and to be whoever they want to be. To become!

I come from a very musical family and all of my relatives are related to arts in a way.

I was born in Brazil, mixed parents, lived switching between the US and Brazil, when at the age 22, I moved to Italy to pursue a dream of living by myself in a different country, learning a new language and singing,

Music follows me wherever I go and there is no place for me to hide from it. And honestly, I don’t want to. Music saved my life and I believe it can save people’s lives too.

I was such in a dark place when I was a teenager, ad I wrote my first song, as no song in the world could express what I was feeling in those moments. I was bullied in school, for my weight, for my skin color, for my identity and way of being.

Thank God I was strong enough to hold on and to live for better times. And now, being in a better place, I can really tell that music is a powerful tool of salvation and self-expression. It was crucial for me.

For example, my first song, Life is just too short talks about someone who’s in love with a probably married person. It is slut-shaming worth for some. But for me, it’s the apex of self-confidence and self-expression. That person doesn’t care! They love, and they want to live their love. Period. No matter what people say.

This is what I believe. And this is why I say weirdos are welcome. Because I myself am one. And I want everyone to be where I am now.


Quando canto tutto il resto scompare, e niente mi può toccare, e nessuno può farmi del male. Sono libero!

Alefe Christian